Only 57% of C-suite executives think their company is customer-centric

New research from the Economist Intelligence Unit has found that only 57% of C-suite execs think their company is customer-centric and an even lower 52% believe their organisation has a clear understanding of its customers’ tastes and needs.  The EIU took the views of 389 respondents globally for its latest report on the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). You can download the full report HERE.

A mere 19% of respondents believed that the company CMO played a leading role in connecting customer facing functions and worse still, only 18% looked at CMOs as the voice of the customer. More thought that the head of sales (31%) fulfilled that role while admitting that the CMO really ought to be performing that function – but clearly isn’t.

Other findings make interesting reading:

  • 21% said their ability to track customer engagement across different marketing channels is “lagging”
  • A quarter believed the CCO (Chief Customer Officer) should be the voice of the customer
  • Only 61% thought the CMO role was strategic




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