After the Shareholder Spring

“Does the shareholder spring mark a permanent change in the weather?”
Nils Pratley – The Guardian – 8th May, 2012

“Shareholders say company executives have missed the point. They are fed up with being side-lined, on performance and management as much as pay”
Louise Armistead – Daily Telegraph – 8th May, 2012

Chief executives are feeling the brunt of a new populism that has already hit politicians, the media and bankers. Huge amounts of money have been spent in recent years on PR putting supposed experts between company leaders and their critics. But the solution in an age of revolutionary communication is to help CEOs understand and articulate their own messages – in their own words – to key stakeholders across both traditional and new media.

CTN/TLA has been working on a unique approach to enable CEOs to communicate with confidence and impact. Our team of former business journalists and consultants work closely alongside leadership teams. At the CTN media centre, we hone the key messages and then test them out in our discreet TV studio – in real interview conditions. Whether it’s addressing an AGM, an employee town hall meeting or appearing on TV, the CTN team helps leaders engage in an authentic and credible manner.

We then select the digital tools that will help CEOs reach both internal and external audiences. Our creative team can develop a look and feel that both tells the company story but also conveys the character and vision of the CEO. It’s essential, after all, in the current environment to humanise those who run companies before the critics present a more damaging image.

Credibility and authenticity are the keys to communicating in the new age and CEOs have to engage in a meaningful and open conversation with shareholders, investors and the wider public. Employees can be the best advocates for companies provided they are part of the leadership communication mix. I believe that our twenty year experience of helping companies visualise and articulate their messages is something we can share with you to mutual advantage.

Although we are based in London – and in New York with our US associate TAI – we are able to be wherever in the world you need us.


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